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"Factory farming is horrible and should be stopped!" says the carnist, completely ignoring the fact that factory farming is the only way to keep up with the huge demand for animal products and the only way it could ever cease is if the developed world massively reduced its animal consumption.

If you think the world can keep eating anywhere near the same amount of meat, you severely underestimate the amount of land it takes to raise naturally grazing animals. We’ve already devastated the Amazon rain forest for the purpose of producing grass fed cattle, do you propose we take that line of action further still?

Not to mention the fact that grass fed cattle releases up four times the amount of green house gases, which if you are unaware of the current climate change situation, is pretty fucking terrible.

With a global population of this size(not to mention the size it will grow to this century), all meat consumption is unsustainable, not to mention unnecessary. We don’t need meat to thrive. "Well-planned vegan and other types of vegetarian diets are appropriate for all stages of the life-cycle including during pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence." This renders meat production ethically reprehensible as well as environmentally destructive. Or are you going to attempt to argue that slaughtering a sentient creature for food when you don’t need to is ethical?

Why not get on the right side of this issue sooner rather than later?

Ahh friend you seem to have misunderstood me - what you’ve just explained was what I was trying to say exactly! I was pointing out that carnists are so quick to condemn factory farming but make no effort to reduce their meat consumption which supports the industry.

I’m a vegan myself! And I’m totally against the unnecessary exploitation & consumption of animals, whether it be factory-farmed or ‘humane’ (if enslaving animals and slaughtering them decades before their natural lifespan can be actually considered humane).

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